Yeovil College Information & Taster Event

The Yeovil College Virtual Open House Information and Taster Event is your opportunity to understand how we can help you start your career journey in the best possible way. We will show you a range of options available at Yeovil College, explaining why we have been recognized as South Somerset and Dorset’s ‘top-performing college’ for 16-18 achievement, for the second consecutive year.

Choose from 400+ videos, testimonials, case studies, product sheets, and team sheets; all developed to help you make the right decision with absolute certainty and confidence.

You can expect to learn more about:

From a university and higher technical perspective, you will discover:


 4 pm

Event goes live


Welcome to Yeovil College

Mark Bolton,
CEO & Principal

Understanding T Level's

Matt Hann,
Director of Curriculum

An Introduction to Apprenticeships

Paul Sealey,
Director of Apprenticeships.

Welcome to Kingston Sixth Form (A Levels)

Joanna Frith-Williams,
Vice Principal of Quality and Education.

YC Edge and Enrichment opportunities at Yeovil College

Matt Hann,
Director of Curriculum.

Worried or anxious about your next steps? We are here to help

Donna Short,
Director of Curriculum.
Gayle Pogson,
Industry Placement and Work Experience Manager.

Introduction to the Yeovil College University Centre

Sian Deasy,
Higher Education Manager.
 8 pm

Live chat finishes

Frequently Asked Questions

During the event, you will discover more about the qualifications available, talk live (either through live chat, audio call, or video call) to your future tutors and managers, and ask those all-important questions. We will demonstrate our unique ‘YC Edge’ concept and explain why our enrichment and sports programme, including the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, is crucial to your future success and differentiation. We have a great deal to show you, from realistic work environments to engaging courses, to industry experts, and as you may have seen in the press and on social, our significant and ambitious campus expansion, which will impact and enhance your learning. Our 21st Century campus and massive ambition is just one aspect that differentiates us.
This event will showcase brand new taster sessions across every curriculum area. Taster session will be recorded content of a class in action, a specific task relevant to that area or a short activity which will be typically seen at Yeovil College from September 2021.
This content is all new and has never been shared or previously released, but we feel it important to show you now to further cement your decision-making and perhaps even inspire you to start implementing some new skills ahead of you joining Yeovil College next year.
This is our new norm. Whilst we are conscious that others have chosen to conduct onsite activities, we hold firm to our belief that we will always do what is in the best interest and is safest for our wider community. This remains a difficult action for us to take as our information and taster events are always large-scale and extremely energetic, in fact it is what separates us from others. However, by reducing the risk in this way and by playing our part, we are supporting both schools and employers in keeping students and employees in current learning and/or work. Long-term, this will create better results for you, a more smooth and planned transition for us and greater prosperity for all within our great region.

Finally, this is your Open House, developed solely with you in mind. Join us, take a slow and informed virtual stroll, listen to students, past and present, and ask those critical questions which will support you in making the best decision about your future.

Only the best is good enough!
A Virtual Open House is a virtual information event. It is an opportunity to visit the college through an innovative and energetic virtual platform. There will be over 400 videos, case studies, testimonial, tours and course sheets to view, download and take home in your virtual goody bag, across every area, whether that is A Level, Vocational, T Level, Apprenticeships or University-level.
Yes, absolutely! One of the main benefits of this new platform, is that you enter the chatroom(s) that interests you most and talk to us instantly through public message, private message, audio call or video call. If you would like to speak to a particular member of staff, you can also click on that person and start ‘chatting.’ The whole staff team will be available to you and there are a massive 25 chatrooms to choose from!
No, every area is available and open to use. You are not limited by appointments, social distancing, mixing with others; it is all available for you discover. We have found that people have used this opportunity to explore every option available to them, searching through areas of interest, without the barriers of time or accessibility.
This event is open to anyone who is interested in a college, apprenticeship or university course. This event is also suitable for parent’s / guardians, schools and careers advisors, enabling them the time and space gather information on how best to support and guide the young people around them.
Yes. To access the Virtual Open House page, you will need to register your details. This is a quick and easy process and helps us to understand what sort of subjects you are interested in so we can share appropriate information with you.
Yes, we will have a variety of pre-recorded webinars taking place where the presenter will be available to chat live once you have viewed the event. Our chatrooms are extremely popular, and this is where you can go and talk directly course tutors, lecturers and college experts. This is an important feature of our open house information event and we strongly advise you visit the chatrooms.
You will be talking to real people; people who all work at Yeovil College. We want to ensure that you get the right advice and information from the most appropriate people, so we have ensured that our experts and subject leaders are ready and waiting to answer your queries. The live chat facility gives you the change to type, audio call or video call our staff, so we can still answer all the questions you have.
All you need is device, whichever you are most happy to use, whether that is a phone, tablet, laptop or desktop.
No, as long as you have an internet connection you will be able to access the virtual open house. We want to make it easy for you to get the information you need, so sit back and relax and take a virtual stroll through our campus.
The event will run from 4pm-8pm on Tuesday 19th January 2021. With a variety of specific talks happening at an allocated time (see agenda for full details). You can drop in and out of the event throughout this time. Look at as much or as little as you want and pop into the chatrooms. This is your chance to explore Yeovil College and the Yeovil College University Centre, virtually.
Yes, we will have a variety of information including the prospectus, team sheets, subject sheets and brochures for you to download or add to your goodie bag so you can read it at a later date. You will also have over 200 videos to view and save.
No, to access the live chats or attend a Q and A you do not need a web cam.
Unfortunately, you won’t be able to come onto campus during the Open House event. However, we have added in a taster sign-up form, which will alert us to the fact that you would like to experience a ‘real’ session, which we will be organising as soon as it is safe to do so. Make sure you are on this list!